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With our strategy designer, you can create different strategies, and you don't need to be able to program for this purpose!

Just in a few clicks, you can add more than 50 different statistical parameters to your strategy, including before-the-match team statistics, dropping odds and during-the-match team indicators.

And for the most inquiring minds, we developed a unique system of indicators that allows you operating with any indicators by means of mathematical formulas using a simple and understandable metalanguage


After creating a strategy, you can immediately check its profitability without even starting to demo betting!

With the help of back testing, you can check your strategy on historical data and evaluate its profitability and receive a large number of different data to its further development.

The distance of the back testing constantly increases, and currently, it amounts to almost 1 year!


Our service provides you with possibility of the betting automation only for the most reliable bookmakers, who will never cut the maxs and are loyal to the winning players.

Bets are made at the highest odd among the 7 best professional bookmakers that leads to a decrease of the margin to almost 1%.

You can independently track changes of the dropping odds in real time!


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